It's You, Me, and the Dog, right?

What is the best way to include our furry friends in our big day?

Are you considering having your furry friend in your wedding? We vote YES! All day. We absolutely love ceremonies where not only kiddos but furry friends are involved!

A few helpful tips from your photographer friends:

If your pooch doesn't do well with kiddos and crowds, loud noises, sparklers, etc, it may be best to save your pup time for after the wedding, it would only stress you out more having to worry about your fur baby getting anxious.

If your pup sounds like it would be a good wedding guest or ring bearer, assign someone to hang with your pup for the day! NOT a member of your wedding party.

Make sure your venue is pet friendly BEFORE booking your big day.

Plan pup arrival times, where they will be hanging most of the day, and how your handler will be taking care of the must haves- food, water, potty breaks, etc.

Just like with kiddos bring TREATS.

Make sure they had their monthly bath the morning of, and brush those canines, to keep them smelling fresh!

Pack your handler with a leash, doggie brush, leave in conditioner, and scented bags to scoop any undesired goodies from the venue.

Give them extra love the night before.

Be ready to have your pup become the star of the show for a few minutes!

Make sure your photographer takes tons of pictures!

Below we have given you a list of our FAVORITE Wedding day dog favors and tools.

Now, we need to find a cute tux like Brittany's dog had on above!

Should we get a matching one for the groom?