How Does your Big Day Compare to the National Average Cost of a Wedding?

Would you believe that the national average cost of a wedding is over $30k?

Is that insane or is that pretty accurate in your case? Also, this is not including a honeymoon. One thing we always tell our friends and family at Restless Hearts wedding photography is to pick your top 3! Prioritize those first and build the rest around them.


What matters most to you about your wedding? Remembering it exactly the way it was? The way your dress looks and fits? The finest catering?

If you care most about your grand kids being able to see your beautiful wedding portraits and maybe you want to print a billboard sized canvas to hang on your wall for the world to see when they come to your home, invest your time and money into making sure you trust and love your photographer.

Your venue. If one of your biggest priorities is being able to relax on your wedding day, your venue and vendor team are so vital. Get a real day of planner, it is worth every penny!

The point is, make sure those top 3 list items are checked off and taken care of, then worry about the rest.



You guys love your people. Did you know that the average wedding has around 140 guests and spend about $260 per person? This is obviously including food, drink, bar, music, photo boots, favors, but surprisingly common to hire over the top entertainment for the guests, such as cigar stations and endless margarita trucks!

Booze is one of the major expenses, according to the Knot who interviewed around 14,000 couples in 2018, the average couple spent almost $2,600 on alcohol alone for their wedding.

Just a few averages for you

Average cost of reception venue: $18,439
Average cost of photog/videog $6,799
Average cost of wedding/event planner: $2,500
Average cost of reception band: $4,247

Is this negotiable?

Average cost of reception DJ: $1,292
Average cost of florist/décor: $2,411
Average cost of wedding dress: $1,631
Average cost of invitations: $386

That costs how much?

Average cost of groom attire: $283
Average cost of wedding cake: $528
Average cost of ceremony musicians: $797
Average cost of HMUA: $225

What Else is There?

Average cost of officiant: $286
Average cost of catering: (price per person): $120
Average cost of transportation: $856
Average cost of rehearsal dinner: $1,297