Get To Know Me


Hello, there beautiful people! My name is Eva. Do you want to know a little about your Murfreesboro Boudoir Photographer? Then let's dive in!

I am an avid adventurer, I LIVE for new experiences and new foods.

If you cry, I will likely cry.

I would white water raft all day every day if allowed.

I breathe sarcasm and dad jokes.

I snore.

I could (and probably have) eaten my weight in Tacos and Korean food.
My favorite late-night snacks are Totinos pizzas and Ramen noodles, in that order.

I have a few wild children whom I love dearly and I just want to make a difference in the world in every way I can, so I am very involved in serving and missions.

How did I get started? I started photography as a hobby when my oldest kiddo was born. Not long after it became a passion. I realized I was good at it, and even better, that it brought me joy. I live for those moments in time that everyone wishes were captured. You want to look back on your life years down the road still getting emotional looking at your album, and that is my gift to you.

I capture authentic and intimate moments filled with love and excitement. Those little moments that go unnoticed sometimes, you know the ones where you have a burst of confidence you never know you had, and it shows? I love those.

I am a firm believer in building a relationship with clients, photography is not just me taking your photos, it is capturing YOUR most intimate and precious moments in time, because let's face it, we just become family, you're stuck with me! XOXO