Hello fellow creatives!

If you have stumbled upon this page it is because you are seeking an awesome spot for photos, am I right?

Perfect. You got it. Located in the fun town of Murfreesboro, Restless Hearts Studio is a place where photographers are community not competition. We love to hear all the “YASSS queens” and “Now drop your chins.” In fact, we are in the office screaming right with you.

What your studio rental includes is a safe, clean studio offering a mix of sugar and spice; light & airy split down the middle.

One side of the space is all white dreamy sheers, off white walls, an egg and rattan chair, wood tones, and a blank slate, with ample room for backdrop stands.

The opposite side of the space gives you the clawfoot tub with dark moody walls, a blue velvet couch so textured you could eat it, and all the greenery your heart desires.

The back end of the space holds the gentleman’s club vibe with a tufted brown leather couch, cousin rug optional, and hanging plants. If you are feeling a little fancy, take a seat in the peacock chair, BUT be careful because those things weren’t made for functionality.

If you need tapestries, white sheets, satin sheets, rugs, macramé hanging or wall decor, or want to move things around, take decor off walls, you go for it! We do not care. We also have a queen size air mattress & twin sized bed available, plus access to our lighting gear if you need it.

Some of our favorite parts of the studio would have to be the HVAC run by remote, NO stairs inside, parking available, and the surround speakers that run on google, so you just say “Hey google, play Beyonce radio on studio,” and it plays the pandora station.

If you have to use the bathroom, no worries! We have you covered in our changing area furnished with a toilet & sink.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you shooting, you also have access to a private backyard with an old wooden fence enhanced by some climbing vines that look awesome in post.

To control the studio speakers, just say “Hey Google, play “Beyonce Radio,”: on rental,” and then BOOM, music. Same rules to increase/decrease the volume, just “Hey Google, increase volume on rental.”

What is the cost of the studio space only you may ask? Easy peasy.
We charge a low rate of $60/hour with NO minimum.

Now there are incentives for booking more time, obviously, what kind of world would we live in if we couldn’t sweeten the deal for you?

-Up to 4 hours – $60/hr then the additional hours are dropped down to $50/hr each.

-If you book your hours in advance in bulk, every 10 hours is only $40/hr.

Are you DYING to shoot in or at the Greenhouse Trinity? You can add on that space to your studio rental for $100/hr total OR you can rent only the greenhouse access for $75/hr.

Please contact Steven Hunter at 615.414.4971 or v.s.hunter@att.net for rental scheduling and information.

Monthly rentals available on a FCFS basis for $400/monthly due the 1st of every month. Monthly membership includes studio and greenhouse access on weekdays until 3:00 p.m. and weekends divided evenly between other members.